About Us

Who we are?

CMA International LLC provides international sales expertise in the Health and Beauty Care industry for domestic brands that are looking to grow their current business by expanding internationally. International markets are vastly different from the domestic US market and many companies can make costly mistakes when trying to enter into international sales without having the proper structure put in place. We offer expertise in International Business Management, Logistics, Product registration, Trademark registration, Distributor search and selection, Licensing, Third party manufacturing and Sales and Marketing all under one roof. CMA International LLC helps bring all international hurdles to the forefront for our clients prior to beginning business in any one country. The successful launch of a brand in all markets depends upon reliable research and fact finding before taking the leap into the international market place and we are here to help.

The CMA headquarters is located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA and CMA also has a branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which services the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia. Our team travels to all regions necessary to manage all of our clients’ accounts and increase awareness of all markets regularly.

We are here to develop and coach our clients and to find new sales outlets in international territories with trustworthy and successful distributors.