Typically when a company becomes our client, we will manage their existing international distributors while expanding the sales with new distributors in both existing and new markets outside the USA.

We offer the following services:

A) Briefings

CMA International will offer a general briefing to new clients about the prerequisites to successfully develop an International Business.

B) Identification of Appropriate Markets & Distributors:

CMA International LLC helps guide our clientele to make the right decisions on how to enter a market to ensure great success. We will seek out new distributors as well as handle all internal inquiries from potential clients. A full background check is done to be sure your brand ends up with the right distributor.

CMA International LLC is able to use its expertise, outside contacts and previous experiences to identify the most interesting export markets for your product line. In order to obtain best results various indicators are analyzed:
Market size, competitors, country risk, entry barriers, costs associated with doing business in a certain market, geographical and cultural differences, current opportunities and accessibility of distribution channels.

C) Management and Follow-up with All Accounts:

CMA International LLC will manage all daily customer needs for all international accounts they are assigned to. CMA International LLC becomes your outsourced international sales team which allows in house employees to use their time elsewhere. We liaise with all of our clientele to be sure decisions are made by the head of each company, while providing our knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients make the best business decisions possible.

D) Meetings and Travel:

In the international markets it is very important to create and maintain a solid business relationship by being in contact and meeting with the customers. CMA will be in contact via electronic means and in face to face meetings to promote and develop a strong rapport with the products and clients CMA represents.

Specific CMA International expertise useful for International business development:

a. Distributor and Licensing contracts
b. International Logistics and Shipping
c. Product registration with local Ministries of Health
d. Trademark registration
e. Licensing and partnering with international Companies
f. Outsourcing in foreign markets
g. Sales and Marketing management and business plan development
h. Support and guidance to execute all paperwork required to legally export